Brett Mueller


CEO and Founder of Norcor Innovations Inc.


Brett Mueller has spent his life aspiring to make a positive impact on the world as we know it.  He is continually achieving the improbable.  Over the years his knowledge of computer science and lore to help others has led him to numerous inventions as well as feats in AI programming and Computer Vision.

Laura Cain


Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Director of UI\UX Development


Laura Cain is an innovative leader helping to drive Norcor Innovations' sales and create unique strategies to market various concepts and products. Laura has an extensive background in sales and is easily approachable with her "can do" attitude which molds well with Norcor's desire to ultimately revolutionize the world in a proactive direction. Laura also has the ability to conceptualize ideas into visually appealing interactive environments. This ability serves her well in creating UI\UX models and wireframes used currently in several fortune 500 companies.


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