Patented Rolling Leaf Removal Device


The EZ Leaf Roller

The Rolling Leaf Removal Device (RLRD) is a product designed to clean up leaves by rolling over them and collecting them with prongs. When the prongs are full of leaves the spikes can be retracted into the outer cylinder, dumping all of the leaves in a pile.

The following defines the features and functionality of the RLRD.

  • Quickly and easily pick up leaves from the lawn, garden, and landscaped areas including pine straw!
  • Helps aerate lawns without the mess or lawn damage found with typical lawn aerators – Creates a small incision do to the near perpendicular entry of the prongs with a “sweep” underneath the surface that is much larger, which helps to loosen the soil and thatch allowing more, water, air, and nutrients to reach where they are needed most
  • Operator does not have to bend over, stoop, or lift anything to use this device, can also be pushed, pulled, or towed
  • 100% Green
  • High-quality finishes for weather and normal use protection
  • Prongs retract and extend easily
  • No electrical power required
  • Lawnmower style handle
  • Spring loaded handle to activate prong movement
  • Can be filled with a freely flowing substance to increase weight for aeration
  • Adjustable position safety guard




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